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New: Pietra Kode

Discover Pietra Code by DEKTON—where timeless Italian stones are reborn for modern architecture and design. Unveiling Vicenza, Travertine, and Ceppo Codes, redefining beauty and strength for the future of architectural elegance.

Elegance + Durability + Functionality

Introducing Pietra Code: ancient Italian stones reimagined for the demands of contemporary architecture and design. The fresh collection from Dekton embodies the ideals of Vitruvius for an ideal city through three distinct series: Vicenza Code, Travertine Code, and Ceppo Code. In these series, principles are redefined, offering a contemporary interpretation aligning with future architectural and design needs while upholding a timeless standard of beauty, seamlessly bridging classical and modern aesthetics.


Dekton reinterprets the essence of the classic Vicenza stone by reshaping the material that once breathed life into the villas and palaces envisioned by architect Andrea Palladio during the Cinquecento—an avid proponent of the architectural principles set forth by Vitruvius.


Travertine Code reinterprets the stone that once introduced a fresh technological perspective to Rome, illuminating classic art and inspiring Renaissance architecture. Thanks to Dekton’s exclusive ultra-compaction process, this stone retains its beauty and properties indefinitely.


The Ceppo di Gré stone played a pivotal role in shaping the history of architecture in Milan. Today, Dekton reinterprets its beauty and essence, crafting spaces that serve as a source of inspiration, reconnecting us with nature.