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Helena, Khalo, Laurent

Discover the stunning beauty of the Helena, Khalo, and Laurent colors from the Dekton range. Explore the versatility and durability of these colors for your kitchen worktops and more. Find your perfect color with Dekton Surfaces.

Say  Hello to Most Beautiful Colours You've Seen

As part of Cosentino’s great worldwide launch of “The Collection Dekton® 2020”, new colous were launched; Helena, Khalo and Laurent. Now in the USA, these colours form their own range Avant Garde. Avant Garde is described in the dictionary as "new and experimental ideas and methods in art" and these colours certainly live up to this. But here in the UK, these 3 brilliant colours are found in the range Dekton Natural.

Laurent, Helena and Khalo are inspired by natural stone and boast a high shine and unrivalled durability. These three luxury and unique colours with cutting-edge designs and authentic tones expand the number of concept possibilities for designers and developers.

Dekton Helena
Dekon Helena

Helena is richly chromatic with the perfect balance of grey and white tones and delicate distress. In this way, the depth of onyx – the natural stone that inspired this piece – can shine through.

Dekton  Khalo
Dekton Khalo

Khalo draws its inspiration from Patagonia Granite, one of the most highly appreciated granites in the world. It blends subtle flecks in intense black with pale gold that contrasts with dominant cream and brown coffee tones.

Dekton Laurent
Dekton Laurent

Inspired by Port Laurent natural stone. Its surface texture adds to the contrast of its tones, while the golden veining brings warmth to a cold background in dark tones.

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