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Dekton Vk02 Avorio

Inspired by the eponymous Avorio stone, VK02 Avorio boasts a light beige shade and an extremely natural finish, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a refined and sophisticated design. Its design makes it particularly suitable for applications where pattern continuity at the edges is required.




4mm, 8mm, 12mm, 20mm
Stone Effect
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Detailed slab view of Dekton Vk02 Avorio

Vk02 Avorio

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Why should you choose Dekton Vk02 Avorio

Dekton Surfaces introduces Dekton, the revolutionary ultracompact surface solution for high-performance and stylish kitchen worktops. Made from a blend of raw materials such as porcelain and glass, Dekton offers exceptional strength and versatility. Perfect for residential and commercial applications alike, Dekton worktops feature exceptional technical properties and a wide range of distinctive Vk02 Avorio colors and textures. From kitchen countertops and wall cladding to flooring, furniture, and shower trays, Dekton allows for the creation of seamlessly integrated spaces with a uniform and sophisticated appearance. Elevate the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your kitchen with Vk02 Avorio worktops from Dekton Surfaces.
Dekton has a low water absorption

Low Water Absorption

Dekton Vk02 Avorio water absorption is minimal, ensuring it remains free from expansion.
Dekton is UV resistant

Resistant to UV

Dekton Vk02 Avorio is highly resistance to UV light, guaranteeing no fading or degradation over time.
Dekton is fireproof


Dekton Vk02 Avorio withstands high temperatures without burning, scorching, or cracking. It's classified to EN 13501 ASTM E84.
Dekton is available in a wide range of colours

Colour Durability

Dekton Vk02 Avorio precise control of pigmentation during manufacturing ensures superior color consistency between slabs, resulting in a durable product resistant to fading over time.
Dekton is scratch resistant

Scratch Resisant

Dekton Vk02 Avorio boasts one of the highest levels of scratch resistance available in the market today, scoring a seven (7/10) on the Mohs scale for mineral hardness.
Dekton is free resistant

Resistant To Temperatures

Dekton Vk02 Avorio's durability against freezing and thawing conditions, along with its versatility in various weather conditions, showcases its exceptional performance.
Dekton is abrasive resistant

Abrasion Resistant

DektonVk02 Avorio surpasses granite and porcelain in abrasion resistance, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas or commercial applications like facades and flooring.
Dekton is easy to clean

Easy Cleaning

Most marks on Dekton Vk02 Avorio worktops  can typically be removed using standard cleaning products, reducing maintenance costs.
Dekton is stain resistant

Stain Resistant

Dekton Vk02 Avorio is resistant to stains from various sources, ensuring easy removal without altering the surface finish.
Dekton is available in super slim 4mm

Superior Thickness

The diverse range of thicknesses available for Dekton Vk02 Avorio enables its usage in projects where resistance to wind or impact is a requirement.
Dekton is stable


Dekton Vk02 Avorio minimal expansion allows for installation with thin joints between panels, ensuring joints maintain consistent width in all conditions.
Order Dekton samples

Order Dekton Samples

Take a closer look at Dekton Vk02 Avorio by ordering samples, delivered right to your door.
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