Dekton Warranty

Our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing that their worktops are covered by the manufacturer warranty. The warranty will always be provided by the companies who manufacture the slabs, and not the fabricators that create the worktops.


25 year warranty on all Dekton colours!

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Warranty Activation


You will need to enter your details, name, address, email address. This ensures the warranty can be registered in your name. You will also need to upload "Proof Of Purchase" either from Rock Revelations (London) Ltd, or from your Kitchen Studio.


The next step requires careful attention. You be asked what type of user you are. Please select "End User". Once you have done that, another box will appear asking you to provide the "Fabricator ID". The Fabricator ID for Rock Revelations (London) Ltd is 6000008057. Once you have done this, please click on Next or Continue and then the page will complete the process, and you will receive an email confirmation. If you are unable to do the above, please call us on 01536 373 253.