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Range: Chromica

Get inspired with the versatile and modern Dekton Chromica range. Learn why it's perfect for your next home renovation project. Browse the range and get started with Dekton Surfaces.

Say  Hello to Dekton Chromica!

As part of Cosentino’s great worldwide launch of “The Collection Dekton® 2020”, Chromica embraces and is inspired by the most spectacular and far flung natural places on Earth. With the current design trends steering toward dark and moody tones of blues and greens being applied in the home, it seems a brilliant idea to extend this to the kitchen, with dark blue and green worktops.

The exclusive characters provided by the new tones Baltic blue and Feroe green are ideal for sophisticated and stylish commercial ventures. The introduction of these colours enriches the current Dekton colour range and extends it. It provides trend-led surfacing options for designers and architects.

Dekton Baltic
Dekton Baltic

Baltic, a dark blue colour that is conceptually pure and aesthetic, bestows elegance and serenity to its surroundings.

Dekton Feroe
Dektno Feroe

Feroe, in a dark green tone, reveals an understated and sophisticated character. It channels warmth, along with freshness, to the most exquisite settings.

Dekton Uyuni
Dekton Uyuni

Dekton Uyuni is the absolute transformation of the concept of the colour white, offering professionals and customers a completely innovative and technological surface.

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