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Dekton Reverie

Taking inspiration from the precious Paonazzo stone, Reverie boasts a thick veining structure with gradients of light grays and creams, along with rusty terracotta and subtle inky blues. Its matt finish adds to its unique character and style. Reverie is the name given to the material in its Matt finish form.R





4mm, 8mm, 12mm, 20mm

Detailed slab view of Dekton Reverie

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Explore Dekton Onirika in 3D

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Why should you choose Dekton Reverie

Dekton Surfaces introduces Dekton, the revolutionary ultracompact surface solution for high-performance and stylish kitchen worktops. Made from a blend of raw materials such as porcelain and glass, Dekton offers exceptional strength and versatility. Perfect for residential and commercial applications alike, Dekton worktops feature exceptional technical properties and a wide range of distinctive Reverie colors and textures. From kitchen countertops and wall cladding to flooring, furniture, and shower trays, Dekton allows for the creation of seamlessly integrated spaces with a uniform and sophisticated appearance. Elevate the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your kitchen with Reverie worktops from Dekton Surfaces.

Heat Resistance

Dekton Reverie withstands high temperatures without burning or cracking.

Scratch Resistance

Dekton Reverie is highly resistant to daily wear and tear, making it virtually scratch-proof.

Impact Resistant

Dekton Reverie is highly resilient to daily impacts, ensuring long-lasting durability. Making it 5x stronger than Granite.
Dekton Surfaces - Dekton Advantages - Dekton is Heat Resistant, Dekton is Scratch Resistant, Dekton is Non Porous

UV Resistant

Dekton Reverie superior resistance to UV rays means that it retains its color and finish even when exposed to sunlight.


Being non-porous, Dekton Reverie does not absorb any liquids.

Stain Resistant

Dekton Reverie is resistant to abrasive acids, oils, vinegar, and wine.