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Dekton Warranty

Dekton worktops and surfaces come with a 10 year warranty from the date that the material was installed at a residential property. If a defect occurs within the material, Cosentino (Parent Group) will inspect the material and will then suggest the best way forward if it will be a repair or replace. This warranty applies to the purchaser of Rock Revelations (London) Ltd and is not transferable. Below is the summary of the Dekton Warranty. 

To Download the Rock Revelations Cosentino Warranty Application & Terms & Conditions PDF please click here

What Is Covered

• The warranty covers Rock Revelations (London) Ltd that has been purchased and installed from Rock Revelations.
• This warranty covers claims made only by the original consumer purchaser.
• This warranty covers products that have been maintained according to our website's guides and from
• Cracking due to exposure to extreme hot and cold temperatures, and cracking due to thermal shock.
• Staining against most common food, beverages, and household products providing consumers have followed and follow the guides in our care and maintenance guidelines.
• Fading caused by exposure to direct (UV) Ultra Violet sunlight. This applies to both indoor and outdoor applications.

What Is Not Covered

• This warranty does not cover improper fabrication or improper installation.
• Surface cracking due to an external force such as impacts, uneven cabinets or flooring, structural settling or movements, other conditions in the home that may cause the surfaces to shift. Therefore, cracks or chips due to impact from heavy objects are not covered. Structures below the surfaces(cabinets, flooring, foundation are not covered by this warranty.
• This warranty does not cover modifications any plumbing, electrical, tile or wall surface modifications that may be necessary and damage caused thereof.
• This warranty does not apply to surfaces that have been treated or covered with an unapproved chemical or coating. 
• This warranty does not cover worktops, cladding or any other Dekton surface that has not been paid for in full to Rock Revelations.
• This warranty does not cover surfaces that have been exposed to abnormal use or abuse in any way. This includes, damage from mishandling or misuse, physical or chemical abuse, by not following proper care and maintenance instructions, specifically maintenance or damage from chipping, cracking, impact damage or breaking due to customer abuse.
• The warranty does not apply to any variances in Dekton colour, shade, particle structure or gloss level.
• This warranty does not cover products that you, the customer, decide you do not like after installation due to color, edging styles or other opinions based on personal preference.
• This warranty does not cover seam appearance or performance.
• This warranty does not cover temporary marks on the Dekton products including but not limited to metal marks, fingerprints or smudges or other temporary marks made by household utensils.
• This warranty does not cover “commercial uses” of the Dekton products. “Commercial uses” include but are not limited to use in commercial buildings such as retail stores, restaurants, offices, hotels, or apartment complexes.
• Rock Revelations are not responsible for damage or injury caused in whole or in part by acts of God, (including but not limited to earthquakes, tornadoes, tropical storms, and hurricanes), exposure to corrosive contaminants (including but not limited to salt water or chemicals in storm waters), fires, floods, explosions, improper storage or handling, job site conditions, architectural and engineering design, structural settling or movement, acts of vandalism, or accidents.

In order to apply/active your registered warranty, please visit  Warranty activation needs to be carried out within 60 days of installation.. If you require assistance please contact us on 01536 511 157.  Should a situation arise where warranty is called upon, inspection of the surfaces may be required before any further action would occur. 

Rock Revelations (London) Ltd
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