Dekton Flooring

Dekton Tiles & Floor Coverings

Dekton is an ideal choice for Floor Coverings and a great alternative to areas with requirements such as performance and luxury designs. The properties that make up Dekton allow architects and designers more freedom to design the areas without limitations that are found in other flooring materials.

Reception Areas & more

Dekton Flooring

Dekton Flooring provides a great solution for hotels, reception areas, spa rooms, office buildings, apartments and high traffic area where durability is an important factor. Due to the impressive size of Dekton 3.2m x 1.44m this allows a truly flexible large format application that other materials cannot rival!

Other Flooring

Porcelain Tiles / Granite Tiles / Marble Tiles

Dekton Surfaces we are able to supply, deliver and install Marble, Granite and Porcelain tiles.

Each tile is suitable for usage throughout the home, from hallways, bathrooms, kitchen and even outside!

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State Of The Art Machinery

We are proud to showcase a 15,000 Sq Ft Fabrication Centre where we fabricate your worktops.

We have a strict process with dedicated teams that work on CNC machines, Bridge Saws, Automated Edge Polishing and more.

The combination of our skilled stonemasons along with high tech machinery, ensures that we can produce the highest level of quality possible, meeting to the high demand needs.

worktops installed each year
Thousand Sq. Ft. Fabrication Facility
Fleet of vans installing each day
Years within the stone industry