Silestone Eco Worktops, Dekton Worktops

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Silestone Eco

Sileston Eco is a new range from Cosentino. This new range of stunning colours embrases environmentally friendly recycled materials at no cost to material quality or performance.

Silestone Eco is made up of 75% recycled materials which includes glass, mirror, vitrified ash and porcelain. Quartz, natural stone and other resins make up the 25%. 

Eco worktops brings the benfit of knowing that your worktops are environmentally friendly. There are 11 different colours to choose from to suit any design requirements. Having Eco worktops can be cost effective instead of having natual granite. Eco worktops is ideal for every home and commercial projects whether it is for the kitchen or bathroom.

Ventaja 1Reduces landfill waste.

Ventaja 2Energy savings by not using new raw materials.Silestone Eco Cosentino

Ventaja 3Re-use of obsolete and discarded items.

Ventaja 4Reduction of natural resources and de-forestation.

Ventaja 5Reduction of water useage. 94% of water is recycled.

Ventaja 6Emission reductions throughout the manufacturing process.

Ventaja 799% filtering of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Ventaja 8No solvents used in machinery cleaning and maintenance.

Ventaja 9Advanced use of filtering systems.

Ventaja 10Every product is reusable.


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